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Irish Music Retreat FAQ
« on: May 20, 2013, 09:30:29 PM »
    What happens at Roche Harbor Irish music retreat? Music, fun, making new friends who also love traditional Irish music.

    Is this event for me?
  •         Do you love to play traditional Irish music?
  •         Do you like the idea of a do-it-yourself week-long music event without formal instruction?
  •         Do you like learning tunes?
  •         Do you like meeting new people who also like to play traditional Irish music?
    Is there a registration/tuition fee to attend the camp? There is a $30 per person resort fee, paid at check-in.  Otherwise, the costs for the week are for food and discounted lodging.  Food is your responsibility, and you must book lodging.

    Can I cook my own meals if I stay at Roche Harbor? Most of of the accommodations have cooking facilities. Check with the Roche Harbor staff when you book your lodging.

    Is there a grocery store on site? Yes. It is small but has a good food selection, sundries, and alcohol.

    Are there restaurants on site? Yes.

    Will there be workshops at the retreat? There are no officially scheduled workshops during the week, although there are many experienced players at the camp who may offer workshops or tutoring. Workshops will likely happen, although there are no guarantees.

    Is there a fun way to learn tunes at the camp? Every morning (not too early!) there is a very popular tune sharing gathering led by experienced players.

    I'm new to Irish music - will I be able to play tunes with people? There will likely be slower sessions guided by experienced players. These are a good opportunity to gather with other folks who are newer to the tradition.

    How do I get to the event? See

    Is there transportation from Friday Harbor ferry terminal to Roche Harbor? There is a taxi service. Also see

    Is there a distillery close by? Funny you should ask, there is a distillery a short walk from the retreat.

    Can I bring my pet? You may bring pets if you stay in the McMillin suites, the historic cottages, or the harbor-view condos.  There is a fee; consult Roche Harbor.

    Is there a “list” of tunes that I should know? People come from all over and bring their particular repertoire. It’s too hard to pin this down. Bring your tunes, and bring a portable recorder.

    Are there “rules” at the sessions? Not really. Treat sessions like social situations – with awareness and common sense, you’ll be fine.   Additional helpful information: What is a Seisiún or Rules of the Road

    I play backup (guitar, bodhran) and am new to Irish music – anything I need to know? Backup is a welcome enhancement to the session.  Please be cautious - even when played softly, your backup has a major impact.  First of all, please know the tune before joining in!

    Can I learn tunes “on the fly” at a session? Probably not...  Those playing the tune have expended significant effort and it’s inappropriate to distract them with your attempts.  If you don’t know a tune, it’s the perfect opportunity to push your “record” button and enjoy listening.    The morning tune swap is a great place to learn new tunes.

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