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Roche Harbor reservations, discounts, rules (new for 2016)
« on: June 15, 2015, 11:51:11 AM »
Roche Harbor just released info for 2016:

Irish Music Week 2016
7 days / 6 nights, Sunday, March 6 - Friday, March 11

•  Exclusive use of lodging and day use venues for the above mentioned dates
•  Reservations may be made by calling 800.451.8910 and mentioning the code IRISH
•  Deep discounts are available for event dates listed above (and +, - 1 day)
•  20% off regular room rates can be offered to anyone attending the festival staying more than seven nights or less than five nights
•  One night deposit is required at the time of booking by main reservation contact
•  Multiple bedroom units must have one main point of contact with deposit and list of all additional occupants staying in the unit 
•  Multi-bedroom accommodations must be fully occupied to receive discount
•  Cancellation period and payment in full is two weeks prior to arrival
  Hotel de Haro shared bath (no view)   $34/night, plus tax
  Hotel de Haro shared bath (view)        $39/night, plus tax
  Hotel de Haro suite                              $65/night, plus tax
  Cabin private bedroom   $65/night, plus tax
  Cabin shared bedroom   $52/bed, per night, plus tax
  Condos   $73/bed, per night, plus tax
  Quarryman Hall standard suite   $84/night, plus tax
  McMillin Suite & Quarryman Dlx   $102/night, plus tax
  Village Homes   $175/bed, per night, plus tax

Venues available for music: 
  Courtyard & Pavilion       Every day from 9am – 11pm
  Madrona Room        Every day from 9am – 11pm
  Executive Dining Room      Every day from 8pm – 2am
  McMillin’s Fireside Lounge      Every day from 8pm – 2am
  Hotel Lobby        Monday - Friday
Food & Beverage options:
  Breakfast & Lunch – Lime Kiln Café & Company Store
  Dinner – McMillin’s Dining Room
  Beer & Wine – Company Store
  Liquor – Dominique’s House
  Discounted No-Host Bar available at select locations
1.  Alcoholic beverages are available for consumption in lodging guest rooms or for purchase from Roche Harbor in McMillin’s Dining Room/Fireside Lounge only.
2.  Lodging rates are guaranteed through March of 2018
3.  $30/person resort fee due per attendee in addition to lodging each year
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